Pro-Choice Profile of the Week: Vincent DeLaurentis



Vincent DeLaurentis

SFS ’17

Fun Fact: The only time I’ve cried in the last year was at the On the Run Tour, when Beyoncé walked out.

Do you identify as pro-choice? If so, why?

Of course I identify as pro-choice! I believe that all people should respect a woman’s right to body sovereignty. Additionally, I believe that strong support for reproductive justice is essential to wider liberation movements. Queer justice, racial justice, economic justice are all contingent upon supporting and defending reproductive justice.

What does feminism mean to you?

As a trans-affirmative radical feminist, feminism takes on several meanings for me. First, I believe that patriarchy, or the systematic, violent domination of women by men, is a real phenomenon that must be dismantled. Second, I believe that all women should be included and embraced by feminism, including trans women. Third, I believe that feminism must be intersectional, meaning that it must confront issues of racial, heterosexual, cisgender, class, and ableist privilege. Finally, as a male feminist, I believe that I have a duty to deliberately avoid some feminist spaces and to attempt to convert non-feminist spaces into feminist spaces.

Who in the media inspires you?

I don’t know if she counts as a media figure, but my current, favorite feminist is Angela Davis (her FBI mugshot is my desktop background).  I love Angela’s radical approach to economic justice and her ability to explain the intersections of race, class, and gender.

If you could be any form of contraception, what would you be?

I would totally be an IUD because I’m a little pricey, but super dependable.


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